Conservative Party seeks to overturn Kingston sanctuary city resolution

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KINGSTON – The City of
Kingston Conservative Party is calling on residents who are opposed to
the common council’s approval of a resolution declaring Kingston
a sanctuary city to defeat the six members who supported the move when
their terms are up.
“The residents of this city do not want to be a sanctuary city, but the only way to overturn this action is by changing the members of the common council,” said Conservative Chairman Richard Cahill Jr.
The issue is not one of political parties, but “about city residents regardless of party affiliation fighting to take back their city from a far left wing ideology being forced upon it by the mayor and common council majority,” he said.
Cahill said efforts are already underway for the Conservative Party to “team up with other local parties in a joint effort to restore the city.”
The party had “someone of prominence express interest” in running for mayor in 2019. “This candidate has never sought office before, but I believe would have an excellent chance to win,” Cahill said. He did not identify the individual.