Washingtonville man pleads guilty in labor scam case


GOSHEN – A Washingtonville man pled guilty to the felony of scheme to defraud in connection with a scam to defraud workers seeking jobs.
Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler’s Office recommended at the time of Michael Allocca’s plea last Friday that he be sentenced to two to four years in state prison when sentenced in March.
Allocca, 57, had posed as a union recruiter from Laborer’s Union Local 731 and collected $150 from at least 24 people to whom he had promised union jobs. So far 13 of those victims have been identified.
Allocca actually had no ties to the union.
The DA’s Office and New Windsor Police are asking the public’s help in identifying other victims who may have given Allocca money in his scheme. Anyone who believes he or she may have been a victim of the scam should call Investigator John Chivattoni at the Orange County DA’s Office at 845-291-2050. 

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