Maloney “commends” governor’s commutation of Brinks’ robber sentence


NYACK – Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18) Saturday announced
his support for Governor Cuomo’s commutation of the sentence of
Judith Clark, one of the convicts in the 1981 Brinks armored car robbery
in Rockland County in which three people were murdered.

“I want to commend Governor Cuomo for commuting the sentence of
Judith Clark, a living example of the rehabilitative potential of our
criminal justice system,” Maloney said. “Clark has served
over 30 years in prison, repeatedly demonstrated remorse for her participation
in the Brinks’ robbery, and endeavored to better herself by earning
college degrees and leading educational and health initiatives to benefit
her fellow inmates, prison staff and prison administration.”

Maloney said prisons “should focus on effective methods for rehabilitation
and reentry, which includes permitting parole for low-risk, elderly offenders
who have materially demonstrated their reformation.”

He said Clark “deserved to spend many years in prison for her role
as an accessory to the terrible crime that resulted in the death of two
police officers and a security guard, but after nearly 35 years she has
been punished and no longer poses a threat to our communities.”

Clark, who is now 67, was the getaway driver in the robbery.

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