New Year’s Eve blood drive a success

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Mike Gaffney donates blood on New Year’s Eve

CARMEL – Not everyone went directly into the party mode to bring
in the new year on Saturday.

Dozens gave the gift of life, Saturday, at the semi-annual blood drive
sponsored by the Stephen Driscoll Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police
and several local organizations.

A total of 82 pints of blood were donated at the Carmel Veterans Hall
in Carmel.

The Greater New York Blood Bank says there are major blood shortages around
the holiday season every year because people are busy celebrating with
family, taking time off from work and going on vacation.

“When the chips are down, no community helps its neighbors more
than the people of Putnam County,” said Kevin Sheil, one of the
organizers of the event.

John Hanrahan donated a unit of blood for the 23rd consecutive year. “Giving
blood makes me feel good,” he said.

Mike Gaffney, another blood donor regular agreed. “Providing blood
to someone in need is a wonderful and rewarding experience.”

This blood drive had the sponsorship support of Putnam Bureau Emergency
Services, local residents serving with the Fire Department of New York
and the Carmel Knights of Columbus.