Retired cop charged with “gangland-style” murders of four men missing in Chester


    WHITE PLAINS – A former police officer has been charged with killing
    four men in Chester who disappeared in April.

    Charges were filed against Nicholas Tartaglione for the quadruple murder
    committed in Chester. He was arrested on Monday and charged in a five-count
    indictment for his participation in a conspiracy to distribute five kilograms
    and more of cocaine and for the murders of Martin Luna, Urbano Santiago,
    Miguel Luna and hector Gutierrez.

    Martin Luna

    Urbano Santiago

    Miguel Luna

    It is alleged that Tartaglione, 49, of Otisville, a former Briarcliff
    Manor cop, participated in the murder of the four men in a Chester bar.

    He was charged with conspiracy to distribute and possession five kilos
    of cocaine and the murders of the four men. If convicted he faces a maximum
    sentence of life in prison or death.
    Participating in the investigation along with the FBI were the State
    Police, Village of Chester Police and Middletown City Police.

    “While all murders tear at the fabric of our communities, when the
    alleged perpetrator of a gangland-style, quadruple homicide is a former
    police officer, that strikes at the heart of civilized society,”
    said US Attorney Preet Bharara.

    “These brutal murders are prime examples of the dangerous crimes
    that are associated with drug distribution,” said State Police Superintendent
    Gorge Beach II. “Narcotics destroy communities and put lives at


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