Dutchess tourist agency enthused about Stewart’s European service

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POUGHKEEPSIE – Dutchess County Tourism has been promoting the county to European travelers, but with the Norwegian Airlines service from Stewart Airport near Newburgh to the United Kingston for starters in the new year, the county’s promotion agency is more enthused than ever.
Tourism President Mary Kay Vrba said the service will be an excellent addition to the marketing efforts of Dutchess and the region.
“We have been over marketing in the UK and Ireland and Germany for the last three to five years and we have really been trying to sell for people to come by train from New York City up to this area,” Vrba said. “Now to be able to be able to have this direct service it will make it easier for the visitor to come, but now we really have the opportunity to sell their staying here for three to five days or more.”
The airline expects to start the service by the middle of 2017 and expand
to other cities in the future.