Catskill Park Coalition seeks $10 million “Catskill Package”

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ARKVILLE – Catskill Park Coalition is seeking a commitment from Albany for an annual $10 million “Catskills Package” to improve the regional economy by supporting enhanced access to, and stewardship to public lands.
The funding the group seeks would be applied to several initiatives – $550,000 for access improvements and staffing and operations support the Maurice D. Hinchey Catskill Interpretive Center; $4 million for stewardship and maintenance in Catskill Park;  $2 million to support the “Save the Hemlocks” project to reduce the impact of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid by developing effective biocontrol; $2 million to increase support for Catskill Area Tourism Services; $1 million to increase the budget for staffing for the DEC Lands and Forests Division; and $450,00 for a comprehensive economic study for the Catskills building on prior Catskill Coalition study.
The Catskills Park Coalition is an alliance of like-minded groups committed to working together to broaden public appreciation for the Catskill Park and seek additional resources to enhance, maintain, and make available to the public the opportunities the park and its surroundings offer and can offer.