O&R to install smart meters, starting in Rockland County


PEARL RIVER – Beginning next summer, Orange and Rockland Utilities will begin the 2 ½ year process of converting all residential and business customer electric meters in Rockland County to smart meters. The company has budgeted $40 million for the conversion of 230,000 electric meters.
Company spokesman Michael Donovan said the devices will provide customers with a greater convenience, choice and control over their electric use.
“These meters will report to O&R what your energy usage is; you will be able to find out what your usage is by employing a computer program that will tell what the meter reads every 15 minutes for residential and every five minutes for commercial customers,” Donovan said.
The smart meter system will also let O&R know, whether you are home
or not, if your power is out.
Once Rockland County has been converted, O&R will start the conversion in Orange County.  

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