Serino calls on MTA to hold local hearings on proposed fare hikes

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HYDE PARK – State Senator Susan Serino criticized the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on Thursday for not scheduling hearings in Dutchess and Putnam counties on a proposed fare hike plan for the Metro-North Railroad and other MTA services.
Hearings will be held in Westchester and Rockland counties, Long Island and the five boroughs of the New York City.
“Time and time again our community gets shortchanged by the money-hungry MTA,” said Serino. “It’s bad enough that they continue to shift the burden of their out-of-control finances onto the backs of hard working New Yorkers by proposing these fare hikes, but it’s even worse that they are once again disenfranchising a large number of riders by failing to hold public hearings in each of the affected counties.”
Serino said those who use the MTA for their daily commute will be impacted by the current proposal and “they have just as much right to be heard – I urge the MTA to give them a fair chance.”