Poughkeepsie mayor takes illegal dumping into his own hands


Ghent, left, and Rolison deal with discarded mattress

POUGHKEEPSIE — Mayor Robert Rolison has had about enough with illegal dumping in Poughkeepsie so when he saw a mattress dumped along South Cherry Street over the weekend, the mayor and DPW Commissioner Chris Gent carted it to the dump.
Rolison said people must stop dumping anything they want on the streets and in vacant buildings just as a way to get rid of unwanted items.
“Is there is a situation where people think if they just throw something on the street that the department of public works is going to grab it? It’s just not the case. We have a schedule in the neighborhoods and these things can sit there for a while and it’s just wrong,” the mayor said.
Poughkeepsie isn’t the only area city with an illegal dumping problem. Newburgh also faces similar issues.