Anti-Semitic graffiti in Rockland

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Offensive graffiti appeared in three locations

TOWN OF RAMAPO – Town Police in Ramapo are continuing to investigate anti-Semitic graffiti after they received a call from a resident of Carteret Drive reporting the images spray painted on the street in front of #2 and #6 Carteret Drive in Pomona.
The houses were both for sale and had real estate signs posted on their front lawns. The graffiti was spray painted in orange paint in front of the signs on the street and consisted of the words “No Jews.”
While canvassing the area it was discovered that a real estate sign on the corner of Conklin Road and Carteret was also marked with the same words in the same color spray paint.
Clarkstown Town Supervisor George Hoehmann condemned the graffiti. “The Clarkstown Police are stepping up patrols in the area and are ready to assist the Ramapo Police in their investigation,” he said.
Hoehmann said anti-Semitism “is abhorrent in any form and will not be tolerated in Rockland County.”
County Legislator Aron Wieder said while most residents of the area are “decent people who care about their families and their communities… there is a small group that has engaged in hate.” He said it is “up to the rest of us to stand as one in the face of this repugnant belief system and behavior.”