Westchester man sentenced for kidnapping, sex trafficking 19-year-old woman

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WHITE PLAINS –A Yonkers man was sentenced in White Plains federal court on Thursday for kidnapping a 19-year-old woman, conspiring to engage in sex trafficking with her, and attempting to engage in sex trafficking.
Clydedoro Graham, 28, was sentenced to 22 years and five months in federal prison following his conviction.
According to the charges, Graham was in his apartment with his girlfriend and accomplice, Alisa Papp, his cousin, Kevin Graham, and his friend, Hector Garcia.  The four agreed to lure a prostitute to the apartment to force her to work for them.
Graham was the leader of the scheme. He searched a website where prostitutes post advertisements and decided on a victim. Kevin Graham called the woman and led her to believe, falsely, that he wanted to hire her for a prostitution “date.”
The defendants told the woman they wanted her to work for them and have sex with the three men. She refused resulting in each man raping her. Kevin Graham and Garcia later left the apartment and for the next two days and two nights, Graham and Papp held the victim captive in the apartment by even taking the door knob off the inside of the front door so she could not escape.  He then made plans to bring the victim out onto the streets of Yonkers to prostitute her for his own benefit.
Graham’s scheme unraveled on June 18, 2014 when two Yonkers police officers came to the apartment after receiving a tip from individuals who had been searching for the victim. They spoke with her and determined she was being held against her will.