Man tells Monroe Police he is an ISIS sympathizer


MONROE – Authorities investigated claims by a man who was picked up by Monroe Police early Wednesday morning after he told them he had affiliations with ISIS and that his girlfriend had placed his duffle bag with explosives in it behind a nearby gas station after they argued and he got out of their car she was driving.
As a result, the FBI, State Police, NYPD and local police were called in to investigate and question Abhurrahman Issam Qadan, 26, who, said he was from Oregon.
Qadan told police he was on his way to LaGuardia Airport in New York where he was going to place the explosives, but after he argued with his girlfriend, he got out of the car with his belongings.
Bomb technicians responded to the scene at a gas station at Route 17M and Gilbert Street after police received two reports of suspicious packages found there. Portions of Route 17M and Route 208 were closed down until investigators determined neither bag contained explosives.
During police questioning, Qadan admitted he lied about having explosives.
Qadan was charged with falsely reporting an incident, making terroristic threats, both as felonies, and misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance.  He was placed in the Orange County Jail.