Grant money means a new fire truck for Poughkeepsie, with no impact on taxpayers

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Rolison (podium) other officials, beside the truck to be replaced. Despite high repair costs,
the old truck will be kept as a backup.

POUGHKEEPSIE – For the past five years, it has been a struggle just to stay put with old firefighting equipment, said Poughkeepsie Fire Chief Mark Johnson said, while standing in front of an ancient fire truck soon to be replaced. 
He said being able to replace 20-year-old equipment that may be called out several times a day, serves a critical safety need for both the department and the public.
“You can do the math on 20 years of wear and tear and firefighting and the huge financial expense it is to maintain these so they’re safe for our firefighters to operate as well as the safety and efficiency when they get to the scene to make sure they operate properly and safely,” Johnson said.
The city is in no position to afford a half million dollars out of the city budget, to grant money, secured by Assemblyman Frank Skartados, will cover the purchase of a replacement engine. 
“I certainly appreciate the mayor’s efforts to try to find efficiencies and stabilize the financial situation of the city,” Skartados said.
Mayor Robert Rolison noted that with the $500,000 for the new truck, Skartados has funneled over $1.4 million to the City of Poughkeepsie for various infrastructure needs.”