State pays Newburgh upfront for aqueduct water


NEWBURGH – The state Department of Environmental Conservation made good on its promise to pay for the City of Newburgh’s use of New York City aqueduct water while a filtration system has been built and installed in its own water source, Washington Lake. That source has been shut down because of the presence of the carcinogenic chemical PFOS.
Newburgh Comptroller Katie Mack told the city council the state has written a check to the city for the $2.4 million cost of aqueduct water.
“That is sitting in an account and we did make our first payment in June, which was approximately $400,000,” Mack said.  “We will receive July and August over the next couple of months and at the end of the last payment we will reimburse for all of those expenditures and then we will just put it right back into the same fund and keep using those revolving funds from now until the end of next year.”
Since the primary source of the PFOS has been determined to have come from the New York Air National Guard base at Stewart Airport, it is expected that the remediation will be paid for by the federal and state governments.