Skateboard park to go forward, but not at expense of community safety, says Newburgh City Council

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NEWBURGH – The Newburgh City Council Monday night voted not to accept bids of more than $500,000 to build a skateboard park. Officials have said that is not the death knell for the project, which everyone agrees will provide a recreational outlet for the city’s youth.
The issue is balancing street safety with the skateboard park and providing funds for both, noted Councilman Terrence Harvey at Monday evening’s session.
“We know that both projects are super important; it’s just that public safety takes a priority over a lot,” Harvey said.
Funding for the skateboard park was going to come from Community Development
Block Grant money and with a $100,000 grant from Senator William Larkin
and other resources, the city will seek to pay for beefed up street security
– with more cameras and street lighting – through the CDBG
money and other state and federal resources.