Orange Chamber puts headquarters up for sale

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TOWN OF MONTGOMERY – The eight-year-old headquarters building of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce is up for sale.
The modern two-story structure also rents space to a few tenants.
Chamber President Lynn Cione said times have changed since the building was constructed.
“When it was built, non-for-profits owned buildings,” Cione said.  “There really is no reach for a non-for-profit to own a building with tenants anymore. The economy has changed dramatically since 2007 and 2008 when the building was built. Like everybody else, we have to change with the times and we have to be very nimble and we have to reflect what our membership needs.”
Cione said there has been interest by some companies in purchasing the building, but nothing has solidified just yet.

Building is on Route 17K, at Route 208