Legoland 50-50, says Neuhaus

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GOSHEN – The chances that Legoland will win local approvals to build a theme park in the Town of Goshen are 50-50, Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus said.  He said three “hurdles” must be overcome and two of them, water and sewer, have been approved by the Village of Goshen.
The remaining key issue is traffic, said Neuhaus, who is a proponent of the amusement park.
“The Legoland folks don’t want to be stuck in local traffic and the local people don’t want them stuck in their traffic either; get the heck in and get them the hell out; that’s what most people want,” the county exec said. “So, I’ve talked to (US Senator) Chuck Schumer; I’ve tried talking to the governor about this. I think they get it. I just don’t if it is on their priority list. They are the guys that are going to make the decision to expedite this.”
Widening New York Route 17 from two lanes in each direction to three has been under discussion for years. Plans call for the highway to be turned over to the federal government and become I-86 in the future.
Opponents of Legoland say the current roadway system will not be able to accommodate the additional traffic for both Legoland, and a casino which will open in less than two years in Sullivan County. Legoland officials dispute that, saying their visitors would be coming and going during hours that would not cause traffic problems.