Deal worked out for Arlington fire trucks to display American flags

    The flag was recently reinstalled on one of the trucks

    ARLINGTON – The controversial issue of Arlington fire trucks displaying American flags has been resolved.
    Earlier this month, the board of commissioners of the Arlington Fire District told the Professional Fire Fighters Association that it could not display the flags, which they ordered removed. That resulted in a national uproar where the commissioners were criticized for being unpatriotic.  Within days, they acquiesced and agreed to allow one flag to fly on the rear of a truck.
    Now, on Thursday, a joint statement from the Commissioners Chairman James Beretta, Chief Tory Gallante and Joseph Tarquinio, president of the Arlington Professional Fire Fighters Association, announced the district will display a two-foot, by three-foot American flag on each front line engine at all district stations.
    Gallante said the compromise was reached at a meeting on Thursday.
    “Safety concerns and compliance with the United States Flag Code, as well as both parties’ unwavering allegiance to and respect for the nation’s flag, were the guiding principles to this resolution. The flags will be positioned in a way as to not interfere with the access and functions of the fire equipment,” the three men said in a joint statement.
    The Arlington Fire District has four fire stations. Five trucks will carry the American flag. 

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