Geese Police are coming


MIDDLETOWN – The Geese Police will be coming to a Middletown neighborhood
near you.

Mayor Joseph DeStefano will ask the common council to approve a contract
between the company and the city to assist in controlling the goose population
in city parks.

The original request came from city Parks and Recreation Department Superintendent
Christine Brinkerhoff. “Geese Police uses trained border collies
that will deter geese from being in our parks,” she said in a recent
letter to the common council. “The goose population is destroying
the cleanliness of our parks and creating a health hazard to residents
using Watts Memorial Park, Fancher Davidge Park and Maple Hill Park.
The cost of the contract is $6,400.

Each summer the goose population increases in parks across the region.
Some communities control their Canada goose population by employing the
addling method of shaking eggs or coating them with corn oil to prevent
air from penetrating the shells.

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