Tourism is #1 economic driver in Orange County

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TOWN OF WALLKILL – Orange County welcomes 4 million tourists each year and that does not include the 13 million who come to Woodbury Common just to shop. And with more hotels coming online and new attractions like the craft breweries, wineries and much anticipated Legoland theme park, the number of visitors will grow in the future, said Susan Hawvermale, Orange County’s director of tourism.
She addressed members of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce in the Town of Wallkill on Thursday.
“We have not topped out and we probably won’t for a number of years in the tourism industry. But, despite the cautionary tale, our tourism industry is vital, it’s strong, it’s growing and it’s necessary for us to attract all varieties of economic development to Orange County,” Hawvermale said.

Hawks Nest on Route 97 overlooking the Delaware River

U.S. Military Academy at West Point, on the Hudson

Over $400 million is spent by tourists annually in Orange County and over 9,000 people are employed in the industry.
County Executive Steven Neuhaus has doubled to $1 million, the amount the county is spending to promote tourism and he said he would like to further increase that to bring even more people to the county for them to enjoy what it has to offer.