Severe weather alert issued: dangerous heat, humidity, thunderstorms through weekend


MID-HUDSON – The National Weather Service has issued a severe weather alert for the region through the weekend.
Oppressive heat and humidity is expected through Sunday evening. The heat index values Friday are expected to be between 100 to 104 degrees; for Saturday between 105 and 110 degrees; and for Sunday around 105 degrees. The highest heat indices will be in the mid to late afternoon.
The combination of the heat and humidity will increase the risk for heat-related health issues, especially for the elderly, those with chronic health problems such as lung and heart disease, those working outdoors, and other heat sensitive groups of people.
Orange and Rockland Utilities, which has declared a heat alert, urges its customers to take steps to most efficiently use electricity Friday, including turning down or turning off air conditioning in empty homes when you are away or at work. When using your room air conditioner, close doors to keep the cool air in and the hot air out. 

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