Gotcha! Phony IRS call recorded


TOWN OF WALLKILL – We have all been warned about receiving scam phone calls from people purporting to be from your electric company, local police and even the IRS. They try to get your personal information including your Social Security number, banking info, credit card numbers and the like.
During the bogus IRS calls, you are typically told you will be arrested if you do not pay what is owed.
Mid-Hudson News received one of those calls and recorded the conversation from someone purporting to be from the IRS. Listen carefully, especially to the end of the call.
The caller, with a foreign accent, identified himself as Adam Boyd, and IRS agent, who even provided his federal ID number. He said he needed our name, address, last four digits of our Social security number and telephone number. When informed he had reached a news organization and that his employer and he would be reported to the authorities, his reply before he hung up was, “I have one thing to say to you – F*** You.”
The one rule to remember is that the IRS never asks for money over the phone.

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