Marbletown becomes first town in state to pass “plastic straw-free” resolution


MARBLETOWN – Restaurants in the Town of Marbletown will now be urged to ask patrons if they want a straw with their cold beverage instead of automatically providing one.
The town board Tuesday night unanimously passed a “straw-free resolution” supporting a decrease in disposal plastic straw use.
Iris Marie Bloom is a member of town’s Environmental Conservation Commission, which first proposed the resolution.
“The goal is to radically reduce the plague of plastics that is pouring into our oceans, our landfills, and there are health harms and climate harms in every stage of the extraction, production, transportation and disposal of single use plastic straws, which Americans use 500 million plastic straws per day,” she said.
Bloom said Marbletown becomes the first town in the state to adopt such a resolution recommending that restaurants “offer first,” rather than just placing a straw on the table.