Orange County Legislature committee rejects proposed pay raises for elected officials


GOSHEN – Orange County legislators have not had a raise in four years and it looks like their pay will remain the same in the next four years. That applies as well to the county executive and county clerk.
The Personnel and Compensation Committee last month agreed to increases of two-and-three-quarters percent, but then tabled the discussion until this month’s session on Monday.
The committee vote this time was unanimously opposed to the raises. While Legislature Chairman Stephen Brescia voted with the committee to reject any raise, he has concerns.
“I think eight years is a long time with zeros but it’s actually going to be a pay decrease because the medical premiums are going to go up,” Brescia said.
Had the pay raise been approved in committee, their rank-and-file lawmakers would have seen their pay go from $30,631 in 2018 to $33,228 in 2021.
The county clerk’s pay would have increased over four years from $110,610 to $119,988 and the county executive’s salary would have risen from $187,187 in 2018 to $203,059 in 2021. The county executive’s current annual salary is $182,177.

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