Ulster comptroller critical of escalating vendor contracts


KINGSTON – Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach is urging county officials to consider adjustments to the county’s contract amendment process.
Auerbach’s concern stems from a $30,000 contract for a computer tech support provider. It has been amended nine times bringing it to $290,000, up $245,000.
“Our feeling is it is unfair and unjust,” he said.  “We would much rather see this go out to bid or get a request for proposal on projects like this instead of keep going back to the well.”
Auerbach suggested to the county executive and legislature to formalize a procedure for dealing with perpetual use of contracts and extensions. His memo read: “Perhaps placing limits on the overall number, dollar threshold, or time span would help address the issue of seemingly endless amendments to contracts and ensure that county dollars are responsibly spent.” 

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