Cleanup action begins at Goshen state Superfund site

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GOSHEN – Remediation of 150 West Main Street in Goshen, the site of the former New York State Electric and Gas manufactured gas plant, will begin shortly.
The one-acre parcel is still owned by NYSEG, but no remnants of the former gas plant are above grade.   
For some 60 years, from 1885 to 1945, the site was the location for the former facility. As a result of that operation, coal tar was produced as a byproduct. The site was converted to a natural gas operations center from 1945 to 1947.
It is that coal tar that remains underground including former manufactured gas plant structures and foundations and the cleanup activities include excavation and off-site disposal of some 760 cubic yards of surface and subsurface soil. Some 2,600 cubic yards of contaminated soil to approximately 28 feet below grade will be treated with cement to create a low permeability material that prevents the further release of the contaminants into the environment.
Sediment with elevated levels of contamination in the Rio Grande Creek near the mouth of the 24-inch outfall pipe that cross the site and discharges to the creek, will be removed. Clean material suitable for the habitat at the bottom of the creek will be imported to replace the soil that will be removed.
Recovery wells will be installed in areas to collect mobile coal tar in one area of the site. A site cover will be installed to allow for commercial use of the site.