Fireworks over Newburgh draws large crowd


NEWBURGH – Hudson Valley residents showed up in droves across the region, Monday, July 4th, to view firework displays put on by local municipalities and private entities alike, gathering up family and friends to “Ooo” and “Ahh” at the pretty lights to their hearts’ content.
In Newburgh, well over 1,000 people lined the waterfront for the display.

Newburgh was one of several municipalities to put on spectacular shows Monday night

Although people of all ages attended, everyone knows the true authority on firework shows are the kids. Excitement ranged from youngsters who loved the colors to adults who said the fireworks were great, but that more should be done in the city for the kids. One man suggested a bouncy house or some other activity to keep the kids off the streets.
Overall, the majority response to the event was very positive with most saying they would definitely be coming back to the City of Newburgh next year. 

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