Governor and cancer-surviving girlfriend lead motorcycle caravan to call attention to early detection


NEW PALTZ – As part of the “Get Screened, No Excuses”
campaign, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Monday to increase
access to breast cancer screenings and build on the series of breast cancer
initiatives outlined in the 2016 State of the State address.

The governor signed the legislation at Citi Field during New York State’s
first-ever breast cancer motorcycle ride. Hundreds of participants eventually
made their way to DEC regional headquarters in New Paltz.
On the back of Cuomo’s hog was girlfriend Sandra Lee, a double mastectomy

“I’m much like him,” Lee said. “Thought as did
I that this would be a very short, quick bout, and we’re going on
a year and we still deal with it nearly every single day. But for me,
I’m lucky that I get to say that I’m cancer-free because of
early detection.”

That’s where the legislation signed by Cuomo comes into play by
covering several obstacles he said stand in the way of critical early

“Couldn’t afford it; the insurance company is going to pay,”
Cuomo proclaimed, noting other key points in the legislation. “Couldn’t
find the time? We’ll change the hours; they’ll be available
when you’re available. When it is too complicated, there’s
a website, there’s a person who will talk you through the whole
system. There is no excuse. It shouldn’t be a matter of luck. You
just have to do it.”

More than 100, including many breast cancer survivors, gathered in New
Paltz to welcome the governor and Lee and to hear their encouraging message.

Among those who took the ride along with Cuomo was pop singer Billy Joel.