Former state lawmaker wants legislature called back to address ‘LLC loophole’


Gipson (file): “… absolutely
eliminate corporate money …”

RHINEBECK – Former state senator Terry Gipson is urging the governor to call the state legislature back into session to close a state loophole in the law that allows for unlimited corporate contributions to candidates.
Gipson, a Democrat, lost his senate seat almost two years ago to Republican Susan Serino. He is attempted to win it back in November.
Gipson said that loophole corrupts the political system and suppresses
New Yorkers’ voices.
“I believe that this is the number one reason that we have so much corruption in Albany because these corporations use their influence to maintain the status quo and they use it to fight against candidates that want to stand up against them,” he said. “It is keeping our state from making progress on important issues like reducing the cost of living, improving our public schools and even protecting our water supply.  I believe until we limit or absolutely eliminate corporate money from our political system here in New York that we are not going to be able to make important progress on the issues people want us to move forward.”
Gipson said he is disappointed that the governor has decided to “use the excuse of having a constitutional convention instead of actually dealing with this in the state legislature.” Gipson said the people elected their lawmakers to make the decisions. 

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