Putnam County SPCA investigates severely neglected dog


Douglas, as he was found, and after a quick makeover

BREWSTER – The Putnam County SPCA is investigating how a dog found in Carmel became extremely neglected. The dog, a five to seven-year-old male poodle mix, was found on Drewville Road in Carmel by a Good Samaritan, who brought it to the Roosevelt Veterinary Center in Brewster.
The dog, initially believed to have been struck by a vehicle, had been so severely neglected that its fur was matted, soiled and putrid. It had a very large intra-abdominal tumor and a bleeding tumor on its head that was filled with maggots. The dog’s nails were so long and curled that it made it extremely difficult for him to walk.
Dr. Allison Glassman, the vet who examined the dog they name ‘Douglas,” suffered “extreme long-term neglect.”
The Putnam County SPCA said anyone with information about the dog may call the 24-hour cruelty hotline at 845-520-6915. All calls will be kept confidential. 

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