IP2 temporarily shut down to complete weld repairs


BUCHANAN – Workers at Entergy’s Indian Point 2 nuclear power
plant temporarily removed the plant from service Friday morning to complete
weld repairs to a pipe that had been leaking a small amount of Hudson
River water, and to allow workers from Con Edison to test a breaker in
a switchyard located near Indian Point in Buchanan.

The breaker can be tested only while electricity from Unit 2 is not being
sent to the Con Ed-owned switchyard.

Entergy said engineers at the plant previously identified a small leak
of Hudson River water from a pipe in a non-radioactive system, leaking
at about one drop every five seconds.

There is no ongoing leak and there was no challenge to safety; however,
the plant needed to be shut down for weld repairs to be completed, in
accordance with NRC regulations.

The work by Con Ed to test a breaker in their Buchanan switchyard was
also planned while the plant was offline.

Governor Cuomo took the occasion to say that this “is just the latest
example of the repeated and continuing problems at the plant.” He
said it is “further proof that the plant is not a reliable generation