Anti-Legoland group forms

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TOWN OF GOSHEN – A group of Orange County residents has formed to create Stop Legoland Goshen, a grassroots effort to halt the Legoland theme park slated for the Town of Goshen before it gets off the ground.
Spokeswoman Debra Corr of Goshen said they are concerned about “the serious impact that a 170-acre amusement park will have on our community.”
The amount of projected visitors – 1.8 million to 2.2 million per year – on the Thruway, Route 17 and local roads would create “noise and air pollution and tremendous traffic congestion, use of limited water and tapping into Goshen’s sewer system threatening our way of life,” Corr said.
She said the proximity of the tourist attraction to Glen Arden Assisted Living and the BOCES building will have an impact on residents, students and staff to move around in that area. And Corr said a project of that magnitude would drive down property values.
Legoland officials briefed the community earlier this week saying they will address all of the concerns of the community to allay their fears.
Corr said her group hopes to pursuade the Goshen Town Board “to oppose this harmful development proposal and ask Legoland to leave Orange County and go elsewhere.”
Should Legoland secure approvals to move forward with the project, she said the new organization would consider legal action.
“There are many reasons to contest this. I would hope that we would have the legal wherewithal financially and also have some backing to fight Legoland,” Corr said.
Orange County Chamber of Commerce President Lynn Cione, who lives in Goshen, suggested people wait to get all of the facts before forming an opinion.
“I just think it is so early in the process that not all of the information has come out and it’s always a better thing to sit back and wait for all of the information,” Cione said.
Legoland’s first choice for a Hudson Valley site was in Haverstraw, but because a large outcry by local residents, the town board asked the company to look for another location.