Edwards indicted in Saugerties murder



KINGSTON – An Ulster County grand jury indicted a Saugerties man in connection with a murder in Saugerties on May 26.
Earl Edwards, Jr., 26, was charged with murder for killing Rameen Perry, 40, while in the Village of Saugerties.  The indictment alleged that Edwards intended to kill Perry and stabbed him several times before fleeing. The cause of death was determined to be a stab wound to the heart, according to the Ulster County Medical Examiner.
After the crime, Edwards hopped on an Amtrak train and was caught by police while in a rail car in Washington, DC.
Days after the Perry homicide, another man, Karon Bowden, 41, of Saugerties was accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, Amy Burger, who was 24 at the time of her death. Bowden was taken into custody at the scene.
District Attorney Holley Carnright said two murders in one community within days of one another, and both domestic violence-related, is very disturbing.
“We are going to continue our efforts to try and raise domestic violence awareness and have not just families, but whole communities in the process,” the DA said. “In the county there are different agencies involved and we are also going to reach out to the families and the communities affected and know these families and try to offer them as much service and consultation as they can to help them get through this difficult time.”
Carnright said he expects the grand jury to receive the Bowden case in a month or so. 

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