State offers training for crime victim advocates


NEW PALTZ – Well over 100 professionals – advocates for crime victims – spent the first day of a four-day state training program at SUNY New Paltz on Monday.
The state Office of Victim Services is conducting the “deep dive” program through the college’s Victim Services Academy, said state Victim Services Director Elizabeth Cronin.
“On how victims respond to trauma, how to work with people who have been traumatize by crime, but also a component of self-care. How do victim advocates, who have to deal with very traumatized individuals, how do they take care of themselves through this process,” Cronin said.
The state agency administers close to $44 million in state and federal funding that supports 223 programs providing counseling, crisis intervention, and legal assistance, to crime victims throughout the state.
Those programs serve some 250,000 people annually. 

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