Hoovler to address PBA summit

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GOSHEN – Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler will address the Third Annual PBA summit where he will listen to and address the concerns of rank-and-file police officers throughout the county.
“It should come as no surprise that I fully support our law enforcement officers and that support includes not only the administrators of police agencies, but the brave men and women who do the day-to-day work on the street and in the field, daily putting their lives and their safety on the line to protect all of us,” said Hoovler. “Their concerns are my concerns, and I will continue to keep open the lines of communication between my office and our police officers, the rank-and-file and their superiors.”
The summit will be held on May 24 at the county Emergency Services Center in Goshen. To participate, call Robert Conflitti, counsel to the district attorney at 845-615-3640 for further information.