Rockland codes initiative cracking down on slumlords


HAVERSTRAW – The codes initiative begun a year ago in Rockland County is paying off as slumlords are being put on notice.
County Executive Edwin Day stood in front of a multi-family residence in Haverstraw Monday to point out the codes crackdown has assessed over $41,000 in fines levied by the county health department.
“The slumlords are taking advantage of those who have the least amount of voice,” Day said.  “Some of them are documented, most of them are poor and they have nowhere to go. Rockland County is providing a voice for these folks who don’t have the ability to get lawyers or anything else to protect themselves so we are providing that voice and we are speaking for them and what we are saying is that if you take advantage of people as a slumlord, Rockland County will come after you.”
The county executive said the program is converting slumlords into landlords. 

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