Putnam County Jail inmates charged with possessing prison contraband

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CARMEL – Three inmates in the Putnam County Jail have been charged
with drug possession and promoting prison contraband after heroin and
other drugs were found in their cells.

Inmates Ceferino Garcia, 36, Daremus Reynolds, 35, and Frank Pasqua, Jr.,
36, were charged after authorities conducted a large-scale search of the
jail late last month. The search was conducted after corrections officers
developed suspicions that inmates were smuggling drugs into the jail.

Police with drug-sniffing dogs went through the jail and found heroin,
suboxone and other contraband. Some of the drugs were found on the inmates
and some was found in their cells.

Investigators suspect the drugs were brought into the jail by a visitor.
The investigation is continuing.

All three inmates were charged with drug possession and promoting prison
contraband. Garcia and Reynolds were remanded on $10,000 bail each and
Pasqua was remanded back on $100,000 bail.