Heimbach calls for Stewart Commission to focus mission on attracting airline service


Heimbach: “… most underutilized
asset that the Port Authority has”

NEW WINDSOR – Passenger traffic at Stewart Airport remains lackluster with slight dips and gains in the last few years as airlines reduce the numbers of flights, use smaller airplanes or just face seasonal changes in traffic.
That was the same case Tuesday as the Stewart Airport Commission was briefed with passenger counts for the first two months of the year lower than the same period of the three previous years.
Louis Heimbach, who for years was vice chairman of the advisory commission, is now chairman and he said the group should set as its goal attracting more air service.
“I don’t think those trends we saw are the way we want to see things happen,” Heimbach told fellow commission members. “The airport is the most underutilized asset that the Port Authority has. I think we need to bring that to their attention so that they recognize the gem that that’s here and how much of a help it could be to relieving some of the congestion in the major metropolitan airports.”
On a brighter note, cargo tonnage moved through Stewart is the highest of the last three years.
The Port Authority has been beating the bushes in an attempt to grow passenger service at the Newburgh area facility and most recently landed Allegiant adding two-day per week service to Myrtle Beach in addition to its Florida flights. 

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