Serino bill to offer vets half-fare rates on Metro-North passes in Senate

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ALBANY – Legislation that would create a half-rate program for veterans
using Metropolitan Transportation Authority services including the Metro-North
Railroad lines has passed in the State Senate. The bill was sponsored
by Senator Susan Serino (R-Hyde Park).

The Assembly will now consider the measure, which it did not approve last
year when the Senate passed it as well.

“Increasing access to transportation services by creating a half-fare
program has the potential to significantly improve quality of life for
veterans living, working and receiving health care in the MTA region,”
Serino said.

She said New York’s high cost of living, particularly in the MTA’s
metro area, is “driving people out of our state each and every day,”
the senator said. The bill is “a step in the right direction”
toward making the state and region more affordable, Serino said.

‘There are over 400,000 vets in the MTA service area alone.