‘Feed Hungry People’ effort launches in Rockland


Wolfe: “… our most
pressing need …”

NEW CITY – The Rockland County Food Recovery Task Force began with its Feed Hungry People campaign on Wednesday.
The effort is the brainchild of county legislature Chairman Alden Wolfe, who wants to feed the hungry with food left over from restaurants and organizations that would otherwise dispose of surplus food.
“There are many important aspects of food recovery, but our most pressing need is to feed hungry people,” Wolfe said. “We already have the talent and expertise we need to achieve this goal here in Rockland County. I know we will be able to work together to stop the wasting of food and to recover surplus food and get it to our hungry neighbors.”
The task force members focused on setting goals, including the need to identify food donation sources, identify transportation and storage options, create a database to track pickups and deliveries and establish an efficient way to communicate between agencies and volunteers.
The surplus food recovery task force will also expand to include three other committees – Food Source Reduction, Feed Animals, and Composting/Landfill.
The task force seeks to implement the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s Food Recovery Hierarchy as a model. That program aims to reduce food waste and in the process, help shrink costs for businesses, reduce municipal use of landfills and provide food to hungry residents. 

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