Another rally for $15 minimum wage

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Gipson: “… remind ourselves how difficult it is …”

POUGHKEEPSIE – Supporters of raising the state’s minimum wage from $9 per hour to $15 per hour rallied in Poughkeepsie on Wednesday and they called on business people and public officials who are against it to take the “Minimum Wage Challenge.”
Addie Davis, a certified nursing assistant at a New Paltz nursing home, said she wants state elected officials to understand that she is having difficulty making ends meet at her current rate of pay. Her bills are “nothing fancy,” just rent, health insurance premiums, electric bills and heat.
Democratic former State Senator Terry Gipson, who was defeated by Republican Susan Serino, will take the challenge.
“I and all the others taking the challenge will try to live on minimum wage over the next five days, but more importantly we will make every effort to remind ourselves at how difficult it is for those living on a minimum wage and to live a quality of life that is worthy of each of us,” he said.
Gipson, who will face a rematch against Serino in November, called on her to take the minimum wage challenge.
Beth Soto, executive director of the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation and challenge organizer said too many local residents must make choices between buying gas, paying the heating bill, or just going without.

Beth Soto said local residents are making hard choices