Dutchess County putting crime forfeiture proceeds to good use

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POUGHKEEPSIE – Dutchess County has in its coffers just over $36,000 in assets resulting from criminal proceedings. That represents both cash and property. 
A resolution to appropriate the funding resulted in the only discussion during a very brief monthly county legislature session Monday night.
Democrat Joel Tyner cited statistics from, among others, the conservative Heritage Foundation, noting assets can be seized based just on “probable cause,” not necessarily a conviction. 
District Attorney William Grady said that is not what happens in Dutchess
 “All of the asset forfeitures that we recovered are in conjunction with convictions on cases,” Grady told the legislators.  “Probably the overwhelming majority of those cases are drug-related; however, on occasion, we have gambling cases.  One case resulted in a $500,000 seizure.”
The $36,000 currently in the account will be used for the purchase of equipment and training expenses related to law enforcement.