Prospective Rockland nursing home buyer sues county for deposit


NEW CITY – Last December after Rockland County Executive Edwin Day said the planned buyer of the county’s Summit Park nursing home and hospital did not meet the deadline to purchase the home, Day ordered Summit Park shut down. The residents were moved to other facilities.
Now, Shalom Braunstein, the principal of Sympaticare has filed a lawsuit against the county and the Rockland Health Care Facilities Corporation, to recover the multi-million deposit he paid for the right to acquire the facilities.
Braunstein alleges in his suit that the parties agreed to an outside date to close the sale, but by that date, they had not satisfied “critical conditions” including receiving a super-majority vote of the county legislature to transfer the property to the local development corporation, and a final resolution of third-party lawsuits challenging the transaction.
Braunstein also alleges that the defendants’ “obstructive conduct” delayed the closing of the agreement.
His attorney, Michael Sussman, who battled to keep Orange County’s Valley
View nursing home from closing, said Braunstein “has a strong record
of operating nursing homes in our state in a manner beneficial to staff
and residents alike.” He said Rockland would have “undoubtedly
… benefited by his purchasing control” of that county’s
nursing care facilities.
A county spokesman said he coud not comment on pending litigation.

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