Tuckahoe brownfield contamination remediation plan proposed


TUCKAHOE – Brownfield cleanup plans have been proposed for an under four-acre parcel in the Village of Tuckahoe that had been used in the past as a quarry, landfill, auto repair and auto parking.
Investigation has documented the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and metals in site surface soils above the unrestricted use soil cleanup objectives. Volatile organic compounds, metals, PCBs, and the pesticide dieldrin were found in groundwater samples above the groundwater quality standards.
Levels of Freon were found in soil vapor at the site boundary which warrant a soil vapor investigation of off-site parcels. That is underway, Department of Environmental Conservation officials said.
The proposed remediation of the site includes the installation of a site cover to allow for commercial use; control of soil vapor intrusion into any proposed building; an environmental easement placed on the property; development of a site management plan; and back filling of excavated areas with clean fill.
The DEC is seeking public comment on the proposed cleanup and will conduct a public session on Thursday, April 14 at Tuckahoe Village Hall beginning at 7 p.m.

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