Westchester and Entergy argue over new PILOT agreement for Indian Point


WHITE PLAINS – The payments in lieu of taxes agreement between Westchester County Government and Entergy over its Indian Point property in Buchanan has expired and both parties are negotiating a new one.
Board of Legislators Chairman Michael Kaplowitz said both sides have
agreed to a $3.9 million payment by Entergy to the county, but the inflation
factor going forward is the sticking point.
“I am arguing what is fair and equitable to taxpayers should be fair and equitable to Entergy and whatever tax levy increase, if there is any, or any decrease for that matter, should be passed on to Entergy and that they would either pay a little bit more or a little bit less, depending upon what other taxpayers are paying,” Kaplowitz said.
Entergy’s feeling, according to Kaplowitz, is that they want to lock it in and they want the lesser of two percent or the tax cap, which would potentially bring that down to a zero increase.”  That would mean county taxpayers could wind up having to pick up more of the tax burden, the chairman said. 

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