Orange lawmakers support FCC waiver to catch Middletown school “swatters”

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GOSHEN – The day before officials announced that the FCC would hold expedited hearings into the possibility of allowing the federal government the authority to use its technology to catch those who are calling in threats against Middletown schools, the Orange County Legislature went on record supporting the effort.
The resolution, sponsored by Legislator Jeffrey Berkman of Middletown, said a limited FCC waiver would help the school district “to better protect the public.”
The legislature’s request was approved unanimously on Thursday. The following
day, Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney announced the FCC has agreed to
hold expedited hearings on whether it should grant a waiver so the FBI
could identify restricted calling party phone numbers.
Since last fall, a dozen of those so-called “swatting” threats were called in. School, Middletown and Wallkill officials and parents say those calls are traumatizing students in the community.