Ulster comptroller to audit sales tax


KINGSTON – As Ulster County and its municipalities remain deadlocked on a solution for a new sales tax sharing agreement, County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach is going to take a close look at the procedure involved.
He announced on Monday that he will commence an audit of the entire sales tax process.
“We are looking at the monies collected, the revenues that the county receives and then we are looking at the disbursement of those revenues to the 20 towns, two villages and the City of Kingston,” Auerbach said.
The comptroller said at a time of “political and public upheaval concerning the sales tax, the audit will ensure the equity and accuracy of the compilations of revenue and the allocations of funds to local municipalities.”
Right now, Ulster shares 14.5 percent of its sales tax revenues with its municipalities while Orange County shares 26 percent and Albany shares 40 percent. 

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