Walden woman feels special as Leap Year baby


“Sweet 16” Herzog

WALDEN – Nava Herzog of Walden is a mother and grandmother and today – February 29 – she is celebrating her Sweet 16 birthday. That is because Mrs. Herzog is a Leap Year baby.
Each year her family celebrates her birthday, this year actually her 64th, on the closest weekend to her actual date. Regardless of the year, she prefers quiet celebrations.
“I feel unique. I kind of took specific opportunities because of it,” Herzog said. “Growing up I never had a bat mitzvah; it wasn’t something traditional in my culture of the area where I come from so as I got older and became more involved in the temple, I gave myself a bat mitzvah in leap years and it was a great excuse to study the Torah and to know how to chant and now I can teach it.”
Growing up, being a Leap Year baby “was fun,” Herzog said with a smile on her face. 

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