Cops closing in on Speights’ killer, says Neuhaus


GOSHEN – Authorities looking into the New Year’s morning killing of Justin Speights of the Town of Wallkill while he was at a party in Crawford remain tight lipped about their investigation, Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus said Thursday they are on the heels of a suspect.
The county executive said he is not at liberty to discuss details, but
an alleged murderer will be caught.
“I am confident that the perpetrator will be apprehended and will face justice,” Neuhaus said.  “I am just not permitted to give the details of it but I am very much made aware of what is going on by law enforcement and the district attorney, but I can’t say anything that will jeopardize the case, but I will tell you I am very confident that the person who was responsible will be brought to justice.”
There were several people from Spring Valley at the party and some sources said a person of interest is being eyeballed from that village.